General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

of meshmakers GmbH, FN 591192a

(hereinafter referred to as "meshmakers")


Status: July 2023

Unless otherwise individually agreed in writing, the following conditions (GTC) apply to all order acceptances and their processing.

Different conditions of the client only apply if they have been expressly accepted by meshmakers. They do not oblige meshmakers even if it has been expressly referred to in the written order and has not been objected to by meshmakers.

These GTC apply to target obligations, within the framework of which the meshmakers performs its main service, which consists primarily in the optimization of industrial processes through software solutions; for this purpose, services are first provided in the form of analysis and consulting, subsequently the solution developed by meshmakers is implemented in the operation of the customer.

These GTC remain unaffected by the general terms and conditions for the maintenance and service contracts (permanent obligations), which apply separately in addition to these GTC, if and to the extent that the customer has also entered into such a contractual relationship with meshmakers.


1. Completion of a contract

1.1. Contracts with meshmakers are concluded exclusively by written acceptance of an offer made in writing by meshmakers, by the customer. Changes to the offer by the customer are considered a counter-offer and only lead to the conclusion of a contract if meshmakers expressly agrees to the changes in writing.​

1.2. The transmission of advertising material and price lists is not considered an offer. Unless otherwise stated in the offer, written offers of the meshmakers have a validity of 30 days from the date of the offer.​

1.3. Contracts concluded by commercial agents and sales partners require the express written consent of the meshmakers in order to be effective.​


2. Prices

2.1. The prices quoted by meshmakers are net prices (plus applicable VAT) and are always quoted in EUR.​ 

2.2. Analysis and consulting services, installation services, development of software and other services are charged according to the actual effort, per 15 minutes started. Billing is carried out according to the hourly rates of the meshmakers applicable at the time the order is placed. In principle, the base price (=service fee) applies to the provision of the software in accordance with the currently applicable price list. These as well as the current hourly rates are available under available.

2.3. Any legal transaction fees are to be paid by the customer.​


3. Payment and payment delay consequences

3.1. Unless otherwise agreed, invoices of the meshmakers are payable without deduction after the performance of the service within 14 days of invoicing (receed to the meshmakers' bank account). In the event of late payment, default interest of 12% p.a. will be charged. In this case, the customer must also bear all other costs arising from reminders, out-of-court collection, etc.​ 

3.2. meshmakers reserves the right to provide further services only against prepayment or to withdraw from the contract in the event of late payment and the deterioration of the customer's creditworthiness.​

3.3. The place of performance is the headquarters of the meshmakers in 5020 Salzburg, Austria.​


4. Advice / Delivery / Service

4.1. Unless a different written agreement has been made, the type of service provision is up to meshmakers. meshmakers is entitled to provide partial services.​

Software is generally made available via the cloud "Octo Mesh" whereby the customer is granted a right of use, for which a current usage fee (also called service fee) must be paid. The performance of the meshmakers includes the support, updates and maintenance of the software. The exchange of services takes place within the framework of the service level agreement (available at ...). The Service Level Agreement is an integral part of these GTC and is once again listed in full text after these GTC.

In individual cases and only on request, subject to the consent of meshmakers, the software can also be made available via download; the fee incurred for this and the extent of the transfer of rights to the customer are reserved for a separate agreement.

4.2. In the event of a delay in acceptance by the customer, the customer must pay the costs caused by the delay (additional administrative expenses, etc.). The costs of a second performance attempt are to be paid separately by the customer.​


5. Defects and warranty

5.1. The customer must check the service provided immediately upon delivery with the care required in accordance with § 377 UGB and complain in writing of any defects that can be detected in the event of other exclusion of any claims from any title (in particular also claims for damages) within 10 days. If the subject of the contract is an incorporeal thing, such as in particular software, delivery is the time at which the software has been implemented in the customer's system to the extent that the customer can use it without the intervention of the meshmakers.​

5.2. The warranty period is 12 months from delivery and any other claims for damages are also excluded after this period. meshmakers does not guarantee for damages caused by (i) manipulation by the customer or third parties, (ii) changes/additions by the customer, (iii) use of technical elements and software that has not been clarified with meshmakers, (iv) improper use, (v) excessive stress due to incorrect use, or (vi) lack of maintenance (if and to the extent that meshmakers has not also been commissioned with maintenance).

5.3. meshmakers assumes no liability for compliance with foreign, public law regulations, unless this has been expressly agreed. It is up to the customer to ensure compliance with all public law regulations. The customer declares to know all relevant regulations regarding the use of the product and undertakes to take all precautions to ensure that these regulations are complied with during installation and operation.

5.4. The rectification of defects takes place at the free choice of the meshmakers in their business premises or at the place where the service provided was implemented.


Special provisions for software:

5.5. meshmakers guarantees that it is entitled to grant licenses to the software in accordance with the contractual provisions and that the contractual use by the customer does not violate any rights of third parties. Furthermore, meshmakers guarantees that the software has the specifications stated in the contract.​ 

5.6. The warranty for all data used in connection with the software, in particular for its completeness, timeliness or correctness of the presentation, is excluded.​

5.7. meshmakers does not guarantee that the software is completely error-free or can be operated without interruption. If defects are asserted within 12 months of handover, which significantly impairs the function of the software, meshmakers will replace the software or eliminate the defect, provided that:​

  • the software has always been used properly and in accordance with the user instructions and other information such as accompanying letters, instructions for oral training, etc;
  • the defect complained about is reproducible at meshmakers;
  • Updates of the operating system or network operating system (or operating system add-ons and databases) to the versions required by meshmakers were carried out by the customer;
  • no unauthorized changes were made to the software (even if the defect occurs in a part of the software that was not directly changed, the warranty is excluded);
  • meshmakers is granted access to the customer's hardware and software during normal business hours;
  • the hardware has been upgraded to the technical standards required by meshmakers (e.g. modem, processor, main memory (RAM), hard drive, etc. (these requirements may change with updated versions).

5.8. The customer must report any defects to meshmakers immediately and in detail. If, as part of an error analysis/diagnosis to be carried out by meshmakers, it turns out that the defect does not constitute a warranty case, the customer must pay all costs (billing based on time spent in accordance with point 2.2 of these General Terms and Conditions).

5.9. Service disruptions (e.g. interruptions, service failure) that are rooted in the operation of the “Octo Mesh” platform through which the software is made available are primarily and ultimately regulated in terms of warranty law in accordance with the provisions of the service level agreement (service credit).


6. Liability

6.1. meshmakers is only liable if there is evidence of gross negligence, with the exception of personal injury. The liability of meshmakers is limited to the maximum amount of any liability insurance taken out. Due to the violation of contractual or pre-contractual obligations, in particular due to impossibility, delay, etc., meshmakers is only liable in the event of gross negligence or intent. Otherwise, claims for damages must be made in court within six months of becoming aware of the damage. The limitation or exclusion of liability also applies to claims against employees or vicarious agents of meshmakers.

6.2. The liability of meshmakers in the event of a defect occurring is, for whatever claims, limited to the amount of the fee for the part of the service provided affected by the defect. In particular, there is no liability for reimbursement of expenses incurred by the customer in connection with the improvement or replacement of the service/goods by meshmakers, which also applies in particular to any necessary dismantling and reassembly of physical components.

6.3. Liability for loss of data, loss of profits, (defect) consequential damages and indirect damages is excluded. In particular, there is no liability for production and operational downtimes during the implementation of the services provided by meshmakers on/in the customer's systems. The customer acknowledges that the duration of this implementation work cannot be precisely predicted and may also depend on factors over which meshmakers cannot influence.


7. Delivery/service dates

The delivery/service dates stated by meshmakers in order confirmations or other business documents are only considered as expected delivery/service dates (no fixed dates).

If a fixed date is nevertheless expressly agreed in writing between the parties, compliance with the delivery/service date requires the timely receipt of all documents, approvals, releases to be delivered by the customer and compliance with the agreed payment terms and other obligations (in particular those provided by the customer system and assembly requirements). If an order is changed or supplemented, meshmakers may not be able to adhere to agreed fixed dates. In this case, a reasonable delivery/service deadline is deemed to have been agreed. However, if timely delivery/service provision is not possible due to special circumstances, the customer can only withdraw from the contract if a grace period of at least 6 weeks set by the customer in writing has expired without success. In the event of withdrawal, the customer is not entitled to any claim for damages from meshmakers.

8. License rights to software

8.1. meshmakers grants the customer the non-transferable, non-exclusive and personal right to use the software as follows. The customer is only entitled to use the programs and license codes listed in the contract as well as the associated user documentation as intended. The customer is not entitled to reproduce the software, to grant sublicenses or to assign the rights of use - for whatever reason - to a third party. The customer undertakes not to pass on the passwords sent to him to third parties.

8.2. The customer acknowledges that he is not entitled to any rights to the software and the associated documentation other than those expressly agreed in writing. All other rights - in particular all exploitation and disposal rights - as well as the ownership right to the software belong exclusively to meshmakers or their possible licensor.

8.3. If the customer changes his hardware, he must permanently delete the software on the memories of the previously used hardware and notify meshmakers in writing. The customer must keep all information relating to the software - which is not readily publicly accessible - secret and may only use it in accordance with the contractual provisions and mandatory legal provisions.

8.4. meshmakers provides the customer with the software in machine-readable form. The source code is not made available to the customer. The customer is also not entitled to edit, change, decompress, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer the software or determine the source code, unless this is permitted by mandatory legal provisions; This does not apply to the provision of the software as part of the open source variant, which must be agreed separately and expressly.


9. Customer system requirements 

The intended use of the software provided by meshmakers sets certain minimum requirements for the customer's system.

414 / 5,000 Translation results Translation result The necessary system requirements can be found in the documentation for the software, which is handed over to the customer after the contract has been concluded and before the software is delivered for the first time. This documentation is also available at . The necessary system requirements must be provided by the customer at his own expense; meshmakers has no performance obligations in this regard.


10. Value protection 

10.1. All prices for ongoing services specified in the contract (in particular costs for hosting) are subject to value protection and are adjusted in advance annually, at the beginning of each year.

10.2. The 2020 consumer price index, as published monthly by the Federal Institute for Statistics Austria, or a successor index that replaces it, serves as the measure for calculating the stability of value. The starting point is the index number for the month in which the contract was concluded. Increases or decreases are calculated for the following year based on the index number for April of the previous year.​

10.3. Failure to demand security does not mean a waiver of security.

11. Assembly and installation of the software

11.1. Unless a different written agreement has been made between the customer and meshmakers, assembly and installation services as well as any services in connection with the training of the customer's employees, which are provided by meshmakers on behalf of the customer, will be based on meshmakers' actual effort and time spent in accordance with point 3.2. these terms and conditions will be charged. Arrival and departure times as well as any waiting times are considered working hours and will be charged in full.

11.2. All cash expenses such as accommodation and daily allowances for assembly employees/installation technicians, auxiliary materials, etc. will be invoiced to the customer additionally. Travel costs will be charged at the amount of the official mileage allowance. The duration of the journey is considered working time and is calculated entirely in accordance with the hourly rates of meshmakers in accordance with point 3.2. these terms and conditions will be charged.​

11.3. The assembly/installation date must be agreed in advance between meshmakers and the customer. At the agreed assembly/installation date, the customer must ensure that all necessary actions are taken and disruptions are avoided in order to ensure that assembly/installation can begin on time and that meshmakers' employees/vicarious agents can work unhindered. In particular, the customer must ensure that meshmakers' employees / vicarious agents can work safely and that all occupational safety measures are adhered to. If the safety of meshmakers' employees/vicarious agents is not guaranteed by the customer, the work will not be carried out until safe work is guaranteed by the customer. The costs of the resulting delay (waiting times, new arrival, etc.) must be borne by the customer.

11.4. During installation/commissioning, the customer must ensure that a sufficiently trained network administrator of the customer is present (at his expense) to be able to make the necessary network settings. Any necessary means of communication (internet connection, fax, telephone) must be made available by the customer free of charge.​ 

12. Third party intellectual property rights

If third parties allege infringement of intellectual property rights against the customer due to the use of the software in question, the customer is obliged to inform meshmakers immediately in writing. The customer is not entitled to make an acknowledgment or enter into any other settlement regarding alleged legal violations without the prior written consent of meshmakers. The customer is obliged to defend any claims asserted by a third party (including in court if necessary). meshmakers is entitled to join such a legal dispute. Each party must bear its own procedural costs.

13. Force Majeure

If meshmakers' fulfillment of its contractual obligations is made impossible or significantly more difficult for reasons over which it has no influence, such as non-performance of its subcontractor, strikes and lockouts, it may terminate the contract in whole or in part. In these and all other cases, the client waives any legal claim arising from delay or non-execution of the delivery/service.

14. Fallacy 

A challenge to an order accepted by meshmakers due to errors and shortening of more than half is excluded.

15. Exclusion of offsetting 

Unless there is a current account relationship, offsetting against the client's counterclaims is excluded without the express written consent of meshmakers.

16. Copyright Protection 

The design of products, names, brands, designations, designs, etc. that come from meshmakers are protected by copyright. The representation of the products in catalogs and brochures, images sent, drawings, sketches and other documents are the intellectual property of meshmakers. All of the aforementioned and other documents made available in the course of business transactions may not be used for any other purpose or reproduced and made available to third parties without the express written consent of meshmakers. They must be released immediately upon request by meshmakers.

17. Use of texts and images 

The duplication, reproduction or publication of texts and/or images (including excerpts or excerpts) from the meshmakers service program requires the prior written consent of meshmakers and is prohibited without this consent. 

18. Contract duration / termination

18.1. The duration of the contract, as well as the duration of the right of use granted to a software, depends on the respective contract. In any case, the right to use the software ends when the contract ends. Upon termination of the contract, all data carriers provided to meshmakers must be returned. The software must be permanently deleted and no longer used. This also applies if the software has been linked or connected to other programs.​

18.2. If a contract has been concluded between the customer and meshmakers for an indefinite period, it can be terminated by both meshmakers and the customer subject to a 4-month notice period on December 31st of this year. be terminated in writing.

18.3. The right of meshmakers to immediately terminate the contract for good cause remains unaffected. The following is particularly important reason:

  • a serious or repeated minor breach of contract by the customer;
  • the opening of preliminary, settlement or bankruptcy proceedings regarding the customer's assets or the rejection of the opening of bankruptcy proceedings due to insufficient assets to cover costs;
  • non-payment of meshmakers' invoices despite a reminder with a grace period of 14 days;
  • (in the case of software) the termination of the software license from a supplier of meshmakers, provided that this termination relates to the software sublicensed to the customer by meshmakers.

19. Partial nullity

Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions will not be affected. In this case, the parties agree to replace any ineffective provision with an effective provision that comes closest to the economic intention of the parties.

20. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction, place of performance

20.1. Austrian law applies, the application of UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.​

20.2. The place of performance of the contract is meshmakers' registered office in 5020 Salzburg, Austria.

20.3. The place of jurisdiction is exclusively the competent court in 5020 Salzburg, Austria.

21. Delivery of declarations of intent, electronic invoice, relevance of the General Terms and Conditions in German version

21.1. The customer must announce changes to his addresses and contact details (in particular postal and email addresses) without delay. Declarations of intent from meshmakers that were addressed to addresses of the customer that are no longer current are deemed to have been received by the customer if the customer has not yet fulfilled his obligation to disclose the new address at the time the declaration of intent is sent.

21.2. Meshmakers generally issue invoices electronically. The customer agrees to electronic invoicing within the meaning of Section 11 Paragraph 2 UStG.

21.3. For translations of these General Terms and Conditions into other languages, in case of doubt, only the German version is authoritative.


Service-Level Agreement


Dear customer!

We are pleased to introduce our innovative platform "Octo Mesh". Octo Mesh enables you to seamlessly manage and monitor your IoT devices and applications and offers numerous advantages over traditional software solutions.

Octo Mesh is a cloud-based platform that manages and deploys IoT devices and applications over the Internet. You can access the platform from anywhere and monitor and control your IoT devices without installing any additional hardware or software.

  • Cost efficiency: Our SaaS solution does not require large investments in hardware or infrastructure. You only pay for the features and resources you actually use, resulting in cost savings.
  • Scalability: Octo Mesh is easily scalable and adapts to your growing IoT network. You can add or remove new devices at any time and expand the functionality as needed.
  • Automatic Updates: We ensure that Octo Mesh is always up to date by providing regular automatic updates. You get access to the latest features and security patches without manual intervention or additional costs.
  • Availability and mobility: The cloud-based nature of Octo Mesh allows you to access your IoT devices and applications from anywhere and on different devices, enabling better collaboration and more efficient operations.
  • Data Security: We care deeply about the security of your data. Oco Mesh implements strict security measures including encryption, regular security audits and backup solutions to protect your IoT data.
  • Maintenance and Support: Our team takes responsibility for Octo Mesh maintenance and support so you can focus on your core business. You will receive technical support and help from our experts if any issues arise.
  • Adaptability and integration: Octo Mesh is adaptable and can be integrated into your existing systems and applications. This ensures seamless integration into your existing IT infrastructure and optimizes your IoT processes.
  • Fast implementation time: Octo Mesh is faster to deploy than traditional software solutions because it doesn't require extensive installation or configuration. You can start managing your devices immediately.


meshmakers GmbH ( for short) provides Customer with access to the Platform twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24x7) with a minimum monthly uptime of 99.9% (see below). The "Monthly Uptime Percentage" is calculated as follows: the number of minutes during which the Services are accessible and not affected by a Service Outage, as reported by Customer to Company during each calendar month, divided by the total number of minutes in the calendar month. If Customer fails to report a Service Outage within five (5) days of such Service Outage occurring, Customer will not be entitled to a Service Credit for such Service Outage. For purposes of this Agreement, "Service Outage" means any event that makes the Services unavailable to Customer, excluding Scheduled Downtime or Excluded Downtime. A monthly uptime percentage of 99.9% means that we guarantee you that no more than 43 minutes and 49.7 seconds of Service Outage will occur per month.


Um intermittierende und vorübergehende Schwankungen zu vermeiden, kann eine Ausfallzeit nach der Beobachtung von ein bis fünf aufeinanderfolgenden Minuten beginnen und endet, wenn die Dienste wiederhergestellt sind. Darüber hinaus muss die Ausfallzeit eine erhebliche Anzahl von Anfragen oder Kernfunktionen betreffen, um als Service-Ausfall zu gelten.

KOMMUNIKATIONSPROTOKOLL kommuniziert per E-Mail oder Textnachricht, sofern nichts anderes schriftlich vereinbart wurde. Der Kunde stellt dem Unternehmen Kontaktnamen, E-Mail-Adressen und Telefonnummern für die Kommunikation zur Verfügung (das "Kommunikationsprotokoll").


WARTUNG UND AUSSCHLUSS VON STILLSTANDZEITEN behält sich das Recht vor, regelmäßig geplante Wartungsarbeiten an der Plattform außerhalb der Kerngeschäftszeiten durchzuführen.  Geschäftszeiten, die nicht zum Kerngeschäft gehören, sind definiert als 0:00 bis 4:00 Uhr (Central European Time) ("Geplante Ausfallzeit").  Das Unternehmen hält an jedem Wochentag morgens zwischen 0:00 und 2:00 Uhr (Central European Time) ein ständiges geplantes Wartungsfenster ein.  Das Unternehmen kann zusätzliche geplante Ausfallzeiten außerhalb dieses Zeitfensters ansetzen, indem es den Kunden mindestens drei Werktage im Voraus benachrichtigt; diese Benachrichtigung erfolgt über das vereinbarte Kommunikationsprotokoll an die zuständigen Supportmitarbeiter. Darüber hinaus werden Ausfallzeiten, die durch Faktoren verursacht werden, die außerhalb des Einflussbereichs des Unternehmens liegen, bei der Berechnung des monatlichen Betriebszeitprozentsatzes nicht berücksichtigt. Dazu gehören Ereignisse höherer Gewalt, die Verfügbarkeit von Internetdiensten außerhalb der Plattform des Unternehmens, Ausfallzeiten, die durch den Ausfall von Verbindungen oder Versorgungseinrichtungen Dritter entstehen, sowie Handlungen oder Unterlassungen des Kunden ("Ausgenommene Ausfallzeiten").


Zur Unterstützung der von diesem SLA abgedeckten Dienste reagiert das Unternehmen auf dienstbezogene Vorfälle und Anfragen, die über das Kommunikationsprotokoll gestellt werden, innerhalb der folgenden Zeitrahmen. Der Kunde muss Anfragen mit der angegebenen Prioritätsstufe einreichen; das Unternehmen behält sich jedoch das Recht vor, die Prioritätsstufe nach eigenem Ermessen angemessen zu erhöhen oder zu senken.  In Übereinstimmung mit der in diesem SLA enthaltenen Serviceverpflichtung unternimmt das Unternehmen alle wirtschaftlich vertretbaren Anstrengungen, um alle Anfragen umgehend zu lösen, kann jedoch aufgrund der inhärenten Variabilität des Aufwands und der entsprechenden Zeit, die für die Lösung von Problemen erforderlich ist, keine Zeit bis zur Lösung garantieren. Das Unternehmen wird den Kunden rechtzeitig und in Übereinstimmung mit dem Kommunikationsprotokoll über die Lösungsbemühungen informieren.‍




Zeit bis zur Reaktion

Schwerwiegend (Serve)

Der Dienst ist nicht verfügbar oder ein wesentlicher Teil der Funktionalität ist nicht verfügbar, ohne dass eine Umgehung möglich ist, es gibt Sicherheitsprobleme oder Probleme mit der Datenintegrität.

2 Stunden, 24x7x365

Hoch (High)

Intermittierende Probleme, Probleme mit der Systemleistung und Probleme mit verfügbaren Umgehungslösungen.

4 Stunden, 24x7x365

Mittel (Medium)

Alle anderen Fehler und Probleme, die nicht als schwerwiegend und hoch eingestuft werden.

2 Geschäftstage

Niedrig (Low)

Verbesserungen, technische Fragen

4 Geschäftstage





Wenn der monatliche Betriebszeitprozentsatz die oben beschriebene Serviceverpflichtung des Unternehmens nicht erfüllt, hat der Kunde Anspruch auf eine Servicegutschrift, wie in der nachstehenden Tabelle beschrieben. Diese Service-Level-Vereinbarung und die im Rahmen dieser Vereinbarung gewährten Service-Gutschriften sind das einzige und ausschließliche Rechtsmittel des Kunden bei einem Serviceausfall im Zusammenhang mit den Diensten. Um eine Service-Gutschrift zu erhalten, müssen Sie einen Antrag per E-Mail an stellen. Der Antrag auf Gutschrift muss bis zum Ende des zweiten Abrechnungszyklus, nach dem der Vorfall aufgetreten ist, bei uns eingehen und Folgendes enthalten: die Worte "SLA Credit Request" in der Betreffzeile; die Daten und Uhrzeiten jedes Vorfalls der Nichtverfügbarkeit, den Sie reklamieren; Protokolle, die die Fehler dokumentieren und den von Ihnen behaupteten Ausfall bestätigen (alle vertraulichen oder sensiblen Informationen in diesen Protokollen sollten entfernt oder durch Sternchen ersetzt werden).


Monatliche Betriebszeit in Prozent



99,5 oder höher

Erfüllt oder übertrifft das Ziel


Zwischen 99,0% und 99, 5%

Unterhalb des Ziels

25% der monatlichen Servicegebühren oder €7.500, je nachdem, welcher Betrag niedriger ist

Bei oder unter 99,0%

Nicht akzeptabel

50% der monatlichen Servicegebühren oder €10.000, je nachdem, welcher Betrag niedriger ist


Um eine Service-Gutschrift zu erhalten, müssen Sie einen Antrag per E-Mail an einreichen. Der Antrag auf Gutschrift muss bis zum Ende des zweiten Abrechnungszyklus, nach dem der Vorfall eingetreten ist, bei uns eingehen und folgende Angaben enthalten

  • die Worte "SLA Credit Request" in der Betreffzeile;
  • die Daten und Uhrzeiten der einzelnen von Ihnen beanspruchten Nichtverfügbarkeitsvorfälle;
  • Protokolle, die die Fehler dokumentieren und den von Ihnen behaupteten Ausfall bestätigen (alle vertraulichen oder sensiblen Informationen in diesen Protokollen sollten entfernt oder durch Sternchen ersetzt werden).

Wenn der monatliche Betriebszeitprozentsatz einer solchen Anfrage von uns bestätigt wird und unter der Serviceverpflichtung liegt, werden wir Ihnen die Servicegutschrift innerhalb eines Abrechnungszyklus nach dem Monat, in dem Ihre Anfrage von uns bestätigt wurde, ausstellen. Wenn Sie die Anfrage und andere Informationen nicht wie oben gefordert zur Verfügung stellen, werden Sie vom Erhalt einer Service-Gutschrift ausgeschlossen.


  • sind keine Rückerstattungen
  • können nicht gegen Barbeträge eingetauscht werden
  • sind auf eine Obergrenze von 30 Tagen bezahltem Service beschränkt
  • setzen voraus das alle ausstehenden Rechnungen beglichen wurden
  • verfallen mit Beendigung deines Kundenvertrags