Changing the world with data.

At meshmakers, we are revolutionizing data management by offering a SaaS platform called OctoMesh that simplifies data collection, processing and presentation. Our technology connects different semantic standards, enables seamless integration and facilitates the exchange of data across system boundaries. We work in agile, specialized teams to ensure continuous innovation and see ourselves not only as providers, but as co-pilots who accompany our customers on their digital journey

Our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is deeply rooted, and we value guiding our customers through the data landscape in a secure and environmentally conscious way. With a robust partner network and an inclusive workplace culture, we foster creativity and collaboration. At meshmakers, we believe in the power of data to drive positive change and are committed to providing our clients with the best tools to implement this change with ease and efficiency. 

Three core missions

meshmakers focuses on three main goals: To become a pioneer in Data Mesh technologies, to drive digital transformation through effective data integration and to improve operational efficiency. We use advanced technologies and strategic partnerships to achieve clear and measurable improvements.

Optimization and safety in industrial applications  ​

At meshmkers, we strive to be the leading provider of industrial services by offering comprehensive expertise from consulting to implementation. Our focus is on OT security, compliance with IEC 62443 standards and contract-based software development to optimize operational processes.

In close partnership with COPA-DATA, we enhance zenon HMI/SCADA solutions to ensure greater efficiency and improved usability. With our innovative OctoMesh platform, we offer seamless application integration and advanced solutions for the industry that drive both growth and innovation. 

Our goal is to enable our customers to lead their industry through technological excellence and future-oriented developments while implementing sustainable practices.

Digital data processing and transformation

meshmakers are pioneers in digital data processing, far beyond the industrial sector. Our OctoMesh platform revolutionizes the integration of enterprise applications to digitize processes, minimize manual intervention and achieve significant increases in efficiency, accuracy and cost savings

Our strategic approach spans from traditional consulting to comprehensive digitalization solutions that enable companies of all sizes and industries to leverage the full potential of digital technologies and achieve unprecedented digital transformation.

With cutting-edge technologies, we are not only improving the way companies operate, but also changing the way industries manage and use their data. Our goal is to be a leader in creating solutions that are not only efficient, but also scalable and future-proof to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

Pioneering role in data mesh applications 

meshmakers are leaders in data mesh applications. Our projects on the OctoMesh platform support innovative initiatives, from forest fire prevention to health data management.

Thanks to our agile implementation model, even smaller companies can benefit from the advantages of a data mesh platform: A minimal viable product (MVP) lays the foundation for the respective digitalization strategy and creates tangible added value right from the start.

By developing industry-specific solutions, we enable companies of all sizes to react quickly to market requirements and use their data more efficiently. Our aim is to achieve cost neutrality as quickly as possible and help our customers to further increase their efficiency and grow sustainably through continuous innovation in our platform.