Digitize with Heart & Mind


Reinhard Mayr

Management Board

Reinhard Mayr is an expert in digitalization in the industrial security industry. With a penchant for process management, Reinhard is an innovative entrepreneur and Co-Founder of meshmakers, whose expertise lies in optimizing software development teams and related processes. He combines a comprehensive understanding of digitization with a keen eye for detail and excellent problem-solving skills to ensure his projects meet the highest standards. Reinhard Mayr brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of digitalization. He specializes in industrial safety, process management and audit support for IEC 62443. His comprehensive range of skills enables him to optimize software development teams and streamline their processes.

Reimar Klammer

Software Architect

Reimar Klammer is a talented and dynamic System Architect at meshmakers.io bringing creative enthusiasm and bright ideas to the team. With keen interests in Software Quality, Architecture, Scalability, Cloud Native, DevOps, Security, Microservices, IoT and Automation Industries, as well as Prototyping - Reimar's diverse knowledge base makes him an invaluable asset to the company. In his spare time he enjoys soaking up the great outdoors with enjoyable hikes and peaceful cycles. He truly believes that life is what you make of it!

Gerald Lochner

Tech Scout & Architect

Gerald Lochner brings an impressive mix of business acumen and technological expertise to his role as business development manager and Co-Founder of meshmakers. He has extensive experience with architecture and design, particularly with respect to the OctoMesh Platform. Gerald also excels in technology scouting and operational activities, making him uniquely well suited for his role. His creative problem solving skills and natural enthusiasm for the industry make him a valuable asset to any team.

Sandra Knöbl


Sandra Knöbl is an innovative and creative professional with an extensive background in marketing, communications, administrative work and graphic design. Her keen eye for detail and passion for design have helped her develop truly unique campaigns that stand out from the crowd. She welcomes any opportunity to combine her diverse skills to provide invaluable marketing solutions to her clients. Sandra has earned a reputation as a dedicated and reliable problem solver who always delivers results in a timely manner. Her enthusiasm for developing powerful visual communications makes her an integral part of any creative team.

Sebastian Schöndorfer

PO & Automation Expert

Sebastian Schöndorfer is a dynamic and innovative Product Owner & Co-Founder who strives to maximize security and software architecture through cutting-edge technology. As an experienced tech entrepreneur, Sebastian Schöndorfer has developed creative strategies to successfully develop numerous software projects. With an in-depth background in security and software architecture, he excels at combining his technical expertise with his business acumen to develop highly effective products. His commitment to excellence has become the cornerstone of his success, ensuring a consistently outstanding outcome for every project he works on. Sebastian is also one of the founders of meshmakers.

Christian Ampferer

Finance & HR


Christian Ampferer is one of the founders of our company, overseeing the areas of finance and human resources. With a strong technical background and extensive experience in software development, he brings valuable expertise to the team. Since becoming self-employed in 2013, he has gained comprehensive entrepreneurial experience, which he applies successfully. Christian is known for his determination and decisiveness. He readily embraces new opportunities and tackles challenges with precision and perseverance. His continuous willingness to learn and strive for development makes him a versatile and forward-thinking individual, always seeking innovative approaches and new horizons.

Simon Kranzer

Research & Development

Simon Kranzer is co-founder of meshmakers.io and is dedicated to digital transformation and strategy development. His unique expertise lies in his ability to find innovative solutions that both maximize efficiency and ensure security and privacy by design. With his ambitious, creative approach, Simon is at the forefront of developing innovative, enigmatic ideas for growth and success. His passion for expanding horizons allows him to see beyond traditional boundaries and drive innovation in his field of work with remarkable zeal.

Florian Buchberger

Solution Expert

Florian Buchberger is a Solutions Expert hailing from Langenlois, Austria. He is passionate about JavaScript and Java, as well as the fascinating world of bus controls and SmartHome solutions. A hardworking family-man, Florian loves to spend time with his wife and two children on the open road, as well as enjoying cozy barbecues and wine tavern visits with friends. When he isn't occupied in his home workshop tinkering with cars, he can be found diligently pursuing balance between his office life and personal relationships.

Philipp Schwab

Software Developer

Philipp Schwab is a Bachelor's student of Business Informatics and Digital Transformation at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and is currently completing his degree. He is originally from Neustadt an der Weinstraße (Germany). His hobbies include cooking and baking and he enjoys cycling. Philipp actively supports our team wherever he can.