Transforming Data into Value.

Many companies struggle to use their data effectively, as 90% of data in companies is unstructured and lies dormant. In addition, the data is often distributed across different systems and departments and is difficult to access. This changes with OctoMesh.

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Turning data into innovations

Data is useless! Yes, you have understood correctly. Data is useless. It doesn't matter how much data you have or how sophisticated your tools are. If you don't have context for your data, you're wasting your time and money. You're missing out on insights, better decisions and more accurate actions. 

Context is the information that surrounds and influences data, e.g. the source, time, location, purpose, target audience, etc. Context helps us understand the meaning, relevance and value of data. It helps us answer the questions of why, how, when, where and who? 

OctoMesh makes it easy to collect, organize and present contextual data. This allows you to transform raw data into valuable information and use it as a basis for decision-making, effective action and innovation.

Connects teams and their data 

To make data valuable, we need to describe it in a structured way.

This knowledge is usually available directly from the respective domain experts. However, in order to use this knowledge effectively and efficiently, a new way of thinking is required:

In the past, a centralized team was often responsible for a company's data. In the Data Mesh approach, however, the data producers are the owners of their data. They are the subject matter experts and therefore know both the context of their data and the needs of the users of their data. 

Decentralized is better

Data Mesh provides these domain teams with a decentralized architecture in which they manage their own data pipelines and are responsible for the documentation, cataloging and governance of their data.

However, a central data engineering team is still responsible for providing the best data infrastructure solutions and ensuring compliance with standards and procedures. 

This is similar to a microservices architecture, where lightweight services are connected together to create an application. Data Mesh makes data accessible to the entire organization by organizing it by function, e.g. marketing, sales, customer service, etc., giving more ownership to the producers of a particular data set.

OctoMesh Services

OctoMesh revolutionizes the way companies exchange data between software applications by providing both connectivity and intelligent data mapping and transformation capabilities. 

 OctoMesh solves the challenges of data incompatibility, connectivity and Mapping and thus enables seamless and efficient data exchange. 

 OctoMesh accompanies organizations on their digital transformation journey with optimized connections and interfacing, strong security measures and an intuitive user interface. Companies discover the full potential of their data and drive innovation, efficiency and informed decision-making in today's data-driven world.

1. Collect data

From sensor to system


Local Digital Twin


Universal Data Connectors


Edge Device Management


Secure Communication

2. Prepare data

From raw data to insights


Identity and Security Services


Real-Time Data Processing


Data-Product Management 


Routine Task Automation

3. Use data

Innovation through information


Data Provisioning Service


Visualize, Analyze, Control


Custom Purpose Web Apps


Configuration Management